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Sydney Opera House lit by Charlotte Piho’s photographs

Charlotte Piho Sydney Opera House
Charlotte piho sydney opera house
Still lost for words… can’t believe this actually happened. This would be hard to top! my dream Canvas; one of my most humbling and honourable moments and all for the most amazing reason. To raise awareness and save our oceans. Read more here: https://www.cookislandsnews.com/internal/national/environment/sydney-opera-house-lit-with-pihos-photography-to-mark-oceans-day/
It also made TVNZ national news see here:

I’m sad I couldn’t be at the amazing collaboroceans event at Tauranga Zoo to watch this. Big love to Tony Irving and Sydney Opera House media for these photos from the night. Also thank you to the amazing artist, musician and all round epic human Timothy Johnston for believing in my work and making this happen. To Canon Australia and Aquatech water housings forever grateful – without your support from pretty much day 1, this would have never been possible. Dream Big!
Sydney opera house charlotte piho

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