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Listen to these everyday

If you’re reading this I’m sending you a hug and vibrations of love. I’ve been listening to sooo many podcasts, videos…I wish I had written them all down – these are some I did (Scroll to bottom). I will add to this as more come into my life that I love.

I hope one of these podcasts resonates with you. Sparks hope, joy, gratitude, love within you. Some of them may seem really Woo Woo – way too spiritual for you. Some of them go into areas that don’t apply to me at all – or will for you; but theres often one little moment where something is said that gives me a Wow moment. My Dad said to me the other day. How I have become a nicer person and that he really loves being in my presence. I have become nicer, because I’m removing blockages that don’t serve me. I also keep having these profound moments of connection with nature, the ocean and people. As my inner world shifts so does my outer world.

It’s a beautiful thing becoming who you really are, living in the presence and appreciating every single moment. Focusing not on all your thoughts but your heart and soul expanding. Healing and growing…and best of all having love, and the best kind of energy to give to your family and loved ones in the process.

Life is short. Don’t take it for granted. We all chase extraordinary moments until hardship happens and then we wish we had the ordinary ones. A text from your mum. Health. The ability to hug and hold someone. Be grateful for every single precious moment.

I’d love to hear if you enjoyed any of these. Or if you have any you think I’d enjoy. Message me. On another note a bit off topic. I just subscribed to Netflix…in order to watch this one video “My Octopus Teacher”. I had so many people message me recommending it. Now I want to make a documentary on Eagle rays being my teachers Lol : https://www.netflix.com/title/81045007 xxx

Lots of love


Podcasts I’m loving right now:

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