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How to make Underwater Bubble Rings – Easy steps

How Cool do bubble rings look? On first attempt I realised how cool I didn’t look at making them. Actually on the first 100 attempts…it takes practice. With a bit of patience and persistence it is actually pretty simple to master. Below are some steps I’ve found that helped me.


Before you even think about trying to make bubble rings you need to master two things: 1) Hold your breath for minimum 30seconds. 2) Have access to a deep enough pool, or calm body of water.

The greater your lung capacity, the more bubbles you can make. I’ll be sharing a seperate post on effective safe ways to increase your lung capacity.

Second, but just as important, you will need find a pool or calm body of water. You need minimal 1 – 1.5metres ( 3-4 feet) of water between you and the surface to allow bubbles to properly develop on their journey. I’ve found the deeper I am the easier ; 5-10 metres is my ideal depth. The deeper you are the more pressure and easier it is for the bubbles to hold shape.

Once you have mastered these two “pre-steps,” you’re ready to begin making bubble rings! Woohooo!

Step One

After taking in a large gulp of air, sink to the bottom of the pool/ocean and lie down horizontal. This will allow the bubbles created to be perfectly circular. If you are lying at an angle with your head facing away from the surface of the water, your bubbles will be disfigured. Simply lie flat horizontal! as if your sun baking on your back on the bottom of the pool or ocean. If you struggle to lie flat just ensure your head is perfectly flat/horizontal, with chin ever so slightly tilting up. Try not move your hands and legs as to distrust the turbulence of the water.

Step Two

Cover your nostrils. This is easily done if you have a snorkeling mask. If you are wearing regular goggles or no goggles at all (I’m not the normal – and don’t normally wear goggles for this); you will need to cover your nostrils manually with your fingers or thumbs. I find it easiest if I press the thumbs of each of my hands on either side of my nostrils, so as to not interfere with air moving out of my mouth. If you don’t cover your nostrils, the bubble rings will be surrounded by thousands of other bubbles coming from your nose. Ideally just wear a mask saves any manual covering of nostrils.

Step Three

Purse your lips together with your tongue sticking out of your mouth slightly. Like your sucking onto a straw or learning to whistle. Fortunately this is easier then learning to whistle. It’s essential you try and form a circular shape with not only your mouth but your tongue. Release a burst of air by quickly pulling the tongue back and closing your mouth quickly. .One of the key factors is once you pull your tongue back to stop blowing. If you keep blowing you will continue to release bubbles and have bubbles everywhere.

You will need to experiment with how much or little you blow to get the perfect bubble. As you practice, you’ll notice that if you don’t stick your tongue out slightly, it can get in the way and deform the bubbles. I know people that don’t stick their tongue out at all, and say ‘paaa’ super quick. I personally found pocking my tongue out helped me. But experiment we all have different shaped mouths and tongues. Find what works best for you.

Step Four

After you have created the first bubble, continue making the “popping” motion to create successive bubbles. As you get better (takes time) you can move to try vertical bubbles. I will do a seperate blog post on this.

Step Five – Final and most important

Contact me to photograph you doing it. In fact if blowing bubbles isn’t your thing at all. Skip all steps and just do this one;) Woohooo 😉 lol…Seriously though 😉

x Big Love. Aroa Nui

Charlotte Piho

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