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How to make Pawpaw seed Shampoo – 3 Simple Steps


  • Remove seeds from 1-2 semi ripe papaya (also known as pawpaw)
  • Clean the seeds, best you can removing the orange bits of papaya. As the more of this left on the seed the more sticky the end result is and it can also start to smell after a few days as the papaya fruit goes off.
  • Place seeds on a tea towel outside in the sunlight for half a day, or until the seeds are dried from the sun. Below is what the end result should look like.


Blend in food processor seeds with 1/4 cup of Cold pressed coconut oil and 1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive oil.


  • Place in a container, and keep in a cool place. Your papaya seed shampoo is now ready to be used.
  • It can be super messy so place small amounts in your hands and massage into scalp through to the hair ends then add shampoo and wash hair like you would as if using normal shampoo.
  • Clean the little bits of seed left in your hair out with conditioner.

Woohoo! your hair should instantly feel softer and healthier. After repeating this 3x a week for a month you will start to notice your hair growing longer. And healthier shiner hair.

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