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How Swimming with Humpback Whales in Cook Islands changed my life

For all those that have been fortunate to have swam with whales. You will know it’s an emotional experience that changes the chemistry and energy inside of you. These moments…have enlightened my soul and appreciation for animals, the ocean and life. 

Moments before I found myself on my own in the deep blue; with this beautiful whale playing with it for an hour. I had been Skyping my mum on a paddleboard outside the reef; showing her our family home on the water behind me. It was her birthday. 

I was balling my eyes out photographing these. Trying to stop the tears so I could take in the beauty of the whales eyes. Regardless of whatever anyone says I know unquestionably that whales are not dangerous. They are clever. They are inequisitive and if they feel your emotion your love for them they will slow down and swim freely with you . Like all animals if you give a whale love it will love you back. Have never felt so loved. So connected. So free. 

How special that this happened in the ocean infront of my family home. That I had changed my whole day to swim with them; telling my dad and tour guests I just felt I had to go out that evening; that I felt I was going to swim with a whale. 

Nothing tops this. The value of pursing depth in life over materialism.

As I continue to feel so many emotions through CoronaVirus and #BlackLivesMatter. Wishing there was a Planet B. Sad with the system; the unjust the suffering. Looking at these photos I am again reminded how in dark times when it’s hard to see the glass half full. That in one moment your whole world. Your mind. Your realisation and understanding of what joy is. Can change for the better. No rain no rainbow x 

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Aroa Nui xxx

Charlotte Piho

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