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Cure Arthritis with SourSop Leaves

I’ve written this not from anything on Google. But from wisdom and life experience of a beautiful old man that I crossed paths with this morning.

The story: The sunrise was so beautiful this morning. I heard so many beautiful sounds. Birds. Roosters. Waves crashing. Wind blowing and then felt this amazing sense of joy as I felt the sun touch my face. After my morning meditation I hoped into my car and started driving to go diving. I started listening to a podcast a friend had recommended on how for love to come into your life (not necessarily from a person but most importantly self-love). All you have to do is think about blueglass and butterflies. 

So I start thinking about blueglass and butterflies. Look up and see blue lightbulbs hanging on the power lines. And then look beyond this to the big blue sky. I couldn’t stop smiling at the sheer beauty of how blue and expansive it was. So beautiful. And then no joke a butterfly comes through my car window. You know these things probably have happened many times. But I just wasn’t ever present enough or receptive to notice or appreciate them. 

Stop the car and get out to get ready to dive. An old man on a pushbike, bikes past me and then stops. He gets off his bike. So very random but I go with the FLOW (another thing I’ve been learning to do). We somehow end up having a conversation about how he had bad arthritis. That he loves cycling now as for many years he hadn’t been able to cycle due to his arthritis. I find this so fascinating as my Dad recently developed mild arthritis in his knees. I’ve also been manifesting healing.

He tells me that drinking Soursop leaves, fully healed/cured his Arthritis in ONE MONTH Not just him but his wife and everyone else he knows that has tried it. He says all you do is simply:

Step 1: Pick 8 Soursop leaves

Step 2: Put them in a plunger with boiled water

Step 3: Drink one cup warm in the morning. And then leave the remainder in plunger for 2 hours.

Step 4: Drink another 2 cups that day. So you have a total of 3 cups in the day. One warm and 2 cold cups (Morning/ Lunch/ Dinner). You need to do this 2 x a week.

Note: If you have your first cup at lunchtime. Have one more before you go to bed. And then the third cup the next morning. You just need to have 3 cups over the course of a day. 2 times a week.

This lovely man named John said he did this for a month and was fully healed from Arthritis. He now does it, for one week (2 x that week) just once a month.

He then teaches me about another plant I walk past everyday with 3 leaves that instantly cures sprained ankles. And heals tight/strained joints. I will do another blog on this. Seriously who is this wonderful man. Wanting to share all these beautiful natural ways of healing with me. I know google or doctors may say otherwise. But going to give this a shot. The way it all happened just all seemed too magical. I’ll keep you updated on if it heals Dad’s Arthritis – I sure hope so. .

Regardless it led to the most beautiful afternoon. I spent time with my Dad as he showed me around other patches of family land, and where I could pick SourSop from. Also made me truly believe that when you change your own thoughts and vibrations you attract the same energy.

After my Sunrise meditation I pronounced  that no matter where I am going, and no matter what I am doing and no matter who I am doing it with that it will be my dominant intention to hold myself in the place of feeling good.  That I will live with unconditional love, clarity, alignment. Tuned in to who I am and to take full responsibility for how I feel.  

In letting go of things I can’t control, I changed my vibration and made room for the beautiful moments of today. My friend said it was great to see the sparkle back in my eyes 🙂 Try it! #Grateful xxx

x Charlotte

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  • JayBeautifully written my friend.  Your eyes do always sparkle but maybe now, with more radiance!!❤️ReplyCancel

    • charl798Awww what a beautiful thing to say. Thanks so much Jay xReplyCancel