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Coronavirus Stranded tourists Cook Islands – Have Underwater Picnic

Meet Germans Sophie and Merlin. They came to the Cook Islands for a week and ended up being stranded here for months. Having joined me for my most popular Cook Islands Turtle and Eagle ray tour; I decided to have some fun with them. Bring a smile to their faces and give them some Cook Islands memories they will never forget, at one of my favourite resorts The Rarotongan Beach Resort and Lagoonarium.

Afterall with all the social distancing rules. Surely the safest place (and also funniest place) to have a picnic is underwater.

If you think this was easy to do! Sure get some food, picnic towel, bottle of wine and relax and have a picnic. Think again! This was exceptionally challenging. But worth the laughs – and much more interesting then photographing clients having picnics on the beach. Learnt lots about fruit, basket, flower buoyancy too.

Wanting to try replicate an underwater picnic in your pool. A few Tips:

  • Fruit floats. Cook islands use to use Coconuts as buoyancy devices you will need something to hold the fruit down. I had some rocks and put them in the basket surrounding the fruit. I filled the flower vase with rocks and placed rocks on all four corners of the towel. Also filled the drink bottle with rocks.
  • Don’t do this where there is current. Otherwise you will have a lovely underwater picnic cyclone with everything going everywhere. What a disastrous work of art lol.
  • For your underwater models a weight belt will help unless they are experienced divers and have buoyancy control.
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