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Cook Islands Family Turtle tours

Family experiences cook islands
2020 WOW! where to begin. I ended it smiling -grateful for it all. My heart was opened up beyond anything I could ever have dreamed – and to have experienced that even for a moment is something I will forever cherish.

I can’t thank all the amazing families that have joined me for Cook islands family turtle tours enough. In fact all of you, families and those that attended tours on their own, or with friends or their partners. My business has been fully booked every week. It’s amazing how doing what I love has organically grown my dream business and life. Met so many amazing families, with everyone coming together for xmas. Or reuniting having been separated by Covid. It’s so rewarding and beautiful photographing you all before the tours with flower ei katus. Then things only get more beautiful when I get to photograph you swimming with the turtles.

In 2020 I wanted to inspire people to love and not be afraid of the ocean; but also for the ocean to love and not be afraid of us. From the smile on peoples faces and amazing encounters I had with animals I do believe I accomplished both. To see many of my family tour photos please visit my galleries page or instagram.

May 2021 be a year of Love, gratitude and connection. Scroll down to see many of the beautiful family tour moments I had ending 2020 – thank you all for filling my heart with so much love x

xo lots of love Charlotte
Cook islands turtles
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Cook islands photographer
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Cook islands family photographer
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Cook islands turtles
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